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AC Generators:

Leading stockist of Diesel Generators

Based in Jebel Ali, (Dubai) U.A.E. Adpower FZCO is a leading stockist of Perkins-powered generators. Our Perkins range is equipped with Meccalte alternator and Deep Sea control panel. Adpower generators are easy to operate & maintain, compact & reliable, clean and long lasting.

Adpower’s Perkins-powered generator outclasses competition on many fronts. Being a technically-proficient company, we choose the right-size engines & alternators. Adpower markets its generators based on prime rating, when most competitors choose to market their units with standby rating. Our decades of experience in the field of generators & power solutions have taught us how critical power generation continues to be. We equip our units with premium electrical accessories to effectively increase their reliability. The quality-control standards of our generator assembly, therefore, are superior to our competitors.

Our sound-attenuated generators & enclosures are unique in design. While designing these generators, Adpower has continually pushed itself to set new industry standards. The ergonomic canopy features that provide vandalism protection, serviceable & compact design make our generators second to none in the industry. Safety levels offered on these generators are of the highest order for their range.

Our Perkins-powered generator range comes with international warranty. These units are built on a design that is approved by Perkins and Meccalte. Perkins / Meccalte distributors across the globe, therefore, provide warranty to our generators.
Diesel Generators Dubai | Power Tools & Spare Parts in Dubai – Adpower
Diesel Generators Dubai | Power Tools & Spare Parts in Dubai – Adpower