May 31, 2013!!

AC Generators:

Generator - Perkins
Our Perkins range is equipped with Meccalte alternator and Deep Sea control panel. Adpower generators are easy to operate & maintain, compact & reliable, clean and long lasting.
Adpower’s Perkins-powered generator outclasses competition on many fronts. Being a technically- proficient company, we choose the right-size engines & alternators. Adpower markets its generators based on prime rating, when most competitors choose to market their units with standby rating. Our decades of experience in the field of generators & power solutions have taught us how critical power generation continues to be. We equip our units with premium electrical accessories to effectively increase their reliability. The quality-control standards of our generator assembly, therefore, are superior to our competitors.

Our Perkins-powered generator range comes with International Warranty. These units are built on a design that is approved by Perkins and Meccalte. Perkins / Meccalte distributors across the globe, therefore, provide warranty to our generators.

DC Generators:

On Grid Site - Emergency Generators
This solution is implemented in order to avoid a block-out in telecommunications due to main failure or, more often, in situations where the mains cannot ensure a continuous and stable power supply.
In this case the local is usually connected to the main. Following voltage or frequency anomaly, a start signal is sent to generator after the set delay. When generator voltage is within programmed limits, the load is connected to the generator end until main line reverts a standard values. At this time the load for a suitably set time to allow it to cool