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DC Generators:



Off – Grid Site: Dual Generator Solution


In order to ensure a suitable coverage, telecommunication stations are often placed in sites where no mains are available.

In this case two generators are simultaneously controlled, each with a start-stop and feedback signals. In this application a rotation between generators can be programmed, i.e. the load can be shifted from one to other at regular intervals, with the purpose of sharing out the generator work equally.

In this case the local is usually connected to the main. Following voltage or frequency anomaly, a start signal is sent to generator after the set delay. When generator voltage is within programmed limits, the load is connected to the generator end until main line reverts a standard values. At this time the load for a suitably set time to allow it to cool

It is also possible to set the time of the day when rotation shall occur, so that load supply cut-off occurs at a specified time. In case of a problem to either generator, the load is shifted to the one in stand-by in all cases.

                                       DC Generator (With Battery Bank)