May 31, 2013!


Passion for quality
FERM machines are used for all kinds of jobs by millions of enthusiastic do it yourselfers worldwide. FERM products are known for their quality and attractive prices.
Machines should always be 100% reliable and not abandon you when you want to work with them. That is the philosophy that keeps us busy day by day here at FERM. The passion for affordable quality originated very early. In 1965 the company FERM was established in the Netherlands by the Bakker family. FERM is the Dutch word for sturdy and strong. Exactly what we stand for with our machines.
Reliable and affordable
To keep quality affordable it was decided in the early 80's to expand the production to factories in Asia.
FERM was a trend setter with this and preceded many others in taking this big step. Through these many years of experience we know exactly what is needed to deliver the perfect machine. With an efficient way of working Ferm consciously works with man and environment. Amongst other things this can be seen in the packaging and durability of the machines and rules of behaviour.
Progressive Dutch design
Various Dutch top designers have worked on shaping our tools, therefore our machines are not only very easy to work with, but they also look magnificent
The demand for FERM products has grown strongly in the last decade. The brand is now represented in more the 35 countries. You will find FERM machines in lumberyards and do it yourself specialist shops.



My machine is malfunctioning. What should I do?

First check your manual to see if the malfunction can simply be solved by yourself. If there still is a problem or malfunction, then you can consult your FERM dealer together with your receipt


How are repairs settled within the warranty period?

In most cases your FERM dealer can immediately repair your problem or malfunction. In case your machine has to be sent away for inspection or repairs, it will be free of charge


I have lost my manual. How do I obtain a new one?

Almost all manuals from various machines, old and new, are easily downloadable via the Servotool website.  Choose a main group and subsequently a sub group or use the search function at the top right.



How are repairs settled outside the warranty period?

Your FERM dealer will also gladly help you in this case. You will receive a quote beforehand, so you can decide yourself whether you want to have the item repaired or not. This way we prevent unpleasant surprises afterwards.



Adpower Group History
By 1922, he had accumulated sufficient resources and a strong presence in the commodities markets, enabling him to setup his first Industrial venture - a match factory in Rangoon [now Yangon]. In 1927, he returned to India to establish a jute mill in Calcutta. The Adamjee Jute Mill Ltd. was the third jute mill to be setup by an Indian and the first Muslim public company. To capture this emerging niche, Adamjee alongwith Mr. G.D. Birla of Birla Jute, broke into this monopolistic trade controlled by the East India company. The founding father of the Adamjee industrial group was not just a businessman, but also an avid educationist and philanthropist. Education of the youth, was a subject very close to his heart, thus he was responsible for financing and helping a number of educational institutions. In addition to that, he also established numerous educational institutions from his own resources.
Leading Supplier of Power Solutions
Adpower FZCO is a leading supplier of power solutions, specializing in sale & export of DIESEL GENERATORS, POWER TOOLS and ACCESSORIES.Established in 2001 in Dubai, U.A.E. and ten years young, ADPOWER enjoys resolute brand loyalty in a host of countries in Africa and the Middle East. We are constantly looking to expand our client base in newer markets, currently serving customers in over 15 countries. Our key strength lies in heavy ex-stocking capabilities, with a strong logistical network and distribution channels setup to meet urgent delivery requirements of our time-conscious customers.
For our Customer Variegated Requirements
--From 5kva to 25kva LOMBARDINI powered unit
--From 30kva to 400kva IVECO powered unit
--From 9kva to megawatt PERKINS range
ADPOWER offers a wide range of generators, power tools and accessories for its customers variegated requirements. All our products meet rigorous international certification standards as mandated by respective industrys regulatory framework.

Quality standards:



We understand the mechanics as well as the economics of power generation & supply. Our primary aim is to add value for end-customers, which is why our primary focus remains on quick supply of quality gensets & tools of top-notch brands by partnering with some of the worlds leading manufacturers.

We customize our products to tailor the industry specific needs of our customers. Competitive prices, Ex-stock availability, quick delivery and highly reliable & durable quality machines are some of our biggest strengths. Prompt shipment of generators & parts keep our customers power units running with minimum downtime. Our teams of pre sales advisory agents, after-sales customer care agents as well as engineering experts are available 24x7 for all our clients.



Adpower Energy is amongst the leading providers of Diesel and Gas Generators in the Middle East and North Africa: Adpower Energy is a one-stop solution for all your power generation needs.

Adpower Energy was set up in 2001 and is based in Jebel Ali, Dubai. Adpower is the master franchise of World-renowned Iveco Aifo S.p.A., Italy. The main focus of Adpower Energy is to stock diesel and petrol generators at its expansive facility in Jebel Ali and in turn distribute units to various parts of Asia, Africa, The Middle East and South Asia.

Adpower Energy provides total power solutions. Equipment offered by Adpower Energy ranges from small units of 3KW to large units in Megawatts. Providing customer satisfaction and a high quality of service is Adpower Energy key to success in business.